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Ordering Methods

The way of operation of the company is based on direct customer service. It is no wonder that every day more and more professionals are tending our products for the economic and most prominent transfer of their beverages.

If you want to order please go to the page "contact us" and send us a message with your inquire to send you an offer.

In cases where someone wants to print on his own logo on the process is:

1. Sends his logo to us electronically as well as colors in pantone.

2. We propose 2-3 solutions to choose.

3. If agreed, it is incorporated into our  next order (delivery time about 80-100 days).

4. Pays order warranty equal to 50% of the value.

Minimum order for Glassbag: 30 boxes of 4000 pieces

Minimum order for Cupring: 48 boxes των 5000 pieces

Minimum order for Cup 'n Go: 30 boxes των 4000 pieces

Minimum order for Βox Carrier: 30 boxes from the type you will choose

Minimum order for IPP: 30 boxes from the type you will choose


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