7 + 1 Advantages of the Glassbag                bag versus the Paper Cases

1. No assembly is needed such as the paper case.

2. It does not catch as much space as the paper case.

3. It can be transported very easily.

4. A pedestrian does not care about all his hand but holds it with any other bag he has.

5. It can be used with two different weight beverages (Greek coffee and frope). The bag will be weighed and the coffees will not spill.

6. Can  carry hot and cold coffees.

7. Can be used for coffee + sandwich or coffee and water or juice and something edible.

8. It is cheaper than the paper case.

NEW GLASSBAG is already a fact. The new Glassbag is sold at 14 microns thick                                (very thin) and will not be subject to recycling fee

2018 Athens - Greece